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for those helpless childrens who need it

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It is said that "the society breeds its kind" so it goes without saying to have a better society,
the society has to renew, rebrand and rehabilitate the welfare of its children and youths to be.

Sponsor for Food

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  • Goal: $42500

Starvation is a plague that clings to poverty. Help us eradicate this plague from our society by providing food for the less priviledge children.

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Sponsor for the girl-child

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  • Goal: $64500

Among the female species lies an extremely hurt gender most of whom are into prostitution, crime and illicit drug-use. Lets help them get a better life.

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Sponsor for Education

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  • Goal: $142500

Education is a wide spec and many children have not had an ounce of it. Like we always say "children are the leaders of tomorrow", lets make them leaders.

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