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We always provide the best care and educational support for desitute children and youths.

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join us and lets change the world together. You are a leader and the world needs you to lead.

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HIYE is catalyzing education to tackle problems of illiteracy. Assist us by supporting our efforts with heart- warming donations. You can transform lives for youths around Africa. Every single penny will help educate millions of destitute youths.

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Join our Wealth Formula and develop an unending flow of income simultaeneously contributing to the welfare of the youths around the world.

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Welcome To HIYE

At HIYE, we work as a team in co-operation with other zealous achievers to bring the vision of this initiative to reality.

The Aims and Objectives of Helen Fred Initiative for Youth Education are as follows:

  •  Provide qualitative secondary education for youths.
  •  Provide skill and empowerment education.
  •  Re-orient Youths particularly those in secondary schools on issues of the law and citizenship.
  •  To facilitate the millennium development goals on Education.
  •  Encourage and provide basic education for the girl-child.
  •  Provide facilities and amenities that will aid free and fair basic education for girls.
  •  Build Orphanage for destitute youths and a learning facility to aid youth education.
  •  Providing centre for economic empowerment programmes for people, enabling them to be self reliance.
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Featured Projects

What Can We Do?

Supporting destitute children and youth
in the society is our top most priority.

Support Community Development

We reform the minds of the children of our societies.

Food and Shelter

We provide food and shelter by building rehabilitation homes for our children

Adopt a Child

We accommodate homeless children, children from poor or destitute homes. Making living a bit easier for their parents.

Free Education

We give scholarships, skill acquisition trainings as well as free education to the children and youths of our society.


Our children are given opportunities to travel, explore and visit educational sites so as to broaden the scope of their knowledge.

Empower our Volunteers

HIYE, has initiated a financial freedom package through the use of networking which will enrich and empower the youths of our society.

Available Sponsorships

It is said that "the society breeds its kind" so it goes without saying to have a better society,
the society has to renew, rebrand and rehabilitate the welfare of its children and youths to be.

Sponsor for Food

  • Raised: $0
  • Goal: $42500

Starvation is a plague that clings to poverty. Help us eradicate this plague from our society by providing food for the less priviledge children.

3 Donors

Sponsor for the girl-child

  • Raised: $0
  • Goal: $64500

Among the female species lies an extremely hurt gender most of whom are into prostitution, crime and illicit drug-use. Lets help them get a better life.

9 Donors

Sponsor for Education

  • Raised: $0
  • Goal: $142500

Education is a wide spec and many children have not had an ounce of it. Like we always say "children are the leaders of tomorrow", lets make them leaders.

11 Donors

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